Jenson Technology provides the following services
Applications & Databases
Design and development of a variety of types of software. Both stand-alone applications and web applications. Our speciality is quick response to change requests and high availability, reliable products.
Web Development
Design and creation of simple web sites as well as Internet/Intranet applications. As part of a development package, Jenson Technology can also offer web hosting with support for a variety of technologies. Refer to the Technologies tab for more information on some of the technologies available.
For 20 plus years we have been working in IT. Our experience covers small business right through to multi-national corporations in a variety of fields including treasury, insurance, stock market, advertising and television. That experience is available to assist you to make decisions and deal with the technical issues you are facing. We provide technical consulting, project management and advice.
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Technologies used (but not limited to) -
CSS 10%
HTML 10%
JavaScript 10%
Smalltalk 10%
VB &.NET 10%
PHP 10%
Python/Django 10%
Clojure/Clojurescript 10%
Flash 10%
Databases 10%